About Us

The idea of working as game designers was born together with our passion for board games back in late 2016.
Like happened to many before us (and certainly will happen to others after us), once we got familiar with the entry-level games that everyone knows, we looked at each other and thought “well…why not?“

To answer this question we decided to try and design our very first game (not really publishing material!) which led us directly to IdeaG, the national meeting of Italian game designers, hosted in Turin, that we consider the real founding moment of 4Brains4Games.

From that moment on, game design became a second full-time job for us: we started studying, attending conferences, workshops, but above all, we started playing a lot of games (it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it!)
Every moment of free time is dedicated to games – in every form – because we love learning new things, always.

As a group, we love narrative, cooperative and investigative games, but of course each one of us has their own preferences. And maybe this is one of the reasons why we work so well as a group: each one of us has their strengths and weaknesses, but these differences help us mutually reinforce one another, make us work on so many different projects and allow us to always test ourselves with new challenges.